This ruleset was developed by Moon Wizard as community project to support 4E game play on Fantasy Grounds II. Many thanks to the community for all their input so far. Special thanks to Tenian for his testing and code contributions, especially for reference support. Also, thanks to Zephp for his updated graphics for v2 of the ruleset.

As of 2010, the ruleset is now owned by SmiteWorks, the developer of Fantasy Grounds. The ruleset is now included with the Fantasy Grounds II software.

Moon Wizard


Core Functionality
Other Links

Supported Extensions

Name Developer Download Notes
4E Dungeon Theme Moon Wizard Included Adaptation of SmiteWorks dungeon theme for 4E ruleset
4E Wood Theme Moon Wizard Included Adaptation of SmiteWorks original wood theme for 4E ruleset
4E Metal Theme Moon Wizard Included Minor theme changes for 4E ruleset (metallic side menu buttons)

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