• Complete rewrite of PC/NPC power pages
    • Color-coded names
    • New fields for power details common to most powers
    • Empty field labels to help you figure out where power details go
    • PC power modes (general, wizard, cleric/paladin)
    • Button to show/hide power details
    • Use limit field for wizard daily/utility, channel divinity and daily item powers
    • Stat-based attack/damage rolls for each PC power
  • Rewrite of basic attacks section
    • Support for attack and damage modifiers using any stat
  • Updated PC mini-sheets with new basic attack and power information
  • Rearranged NPC sheet layout
  • Improved parsing of PC/NPC power fields for dragging and double-clicking of attack/damage phrases buried in details
  • Dragging to hot keys enabled for all rolls


  • Second wind button no longer automatically increments surges used or decrements wounds

Bug FixesEdit

  • Fixed error occurring when attempting to check off powers