• Weapon/implement fields added at top of PC powers page, so that attack and damage bonuses for weapons and implements can be specified, as well as weapon damage dice for weapon powers. Also, weapon damage support (i.e. 2[W]) added when hovering over power description field.
  • Situational powers section added for those powers without a recharge field. (i.e. feats, some racial traits, some class features). This allows each player to place those abilities which are combat situational at the top of their character powers for easy reference. (such as Dragonborn Fury)
  • Group rest menu option added to combat tracker. Right-click on round field to access.
  • Scroller control added to NPC other section.
  • Temporary hit points are now visible on the main combat tracker and client tracker entry lines for easy access.
  • Double-click and drag-roll options are set to on by default now. This will not change your settings if you have previously changed them.
  • Clicking on power checkboxes will now only display the power name in the chat box. You can now double-click on the power name to display the full power description in the chat box.
  • Ability to drag feats, racial traits/powers and powers from module to feat, special abilities, powers and basic attacks sections of character sheet as well as to the NPC powers section.

Bug FixesEdit

  • Combat and power attack rolls were not including level bonus. Fixed.
  • Overlap in static NPC power fields in certain situations. Fixed.
  • Initial error message in local mode. Fixed.
  • Wounds not colored correctly when character sheet first opened. Fixed.
  • Label offsets incorrect in basic attacks section. Fixed.
  • Minion damage in combat tracker not accessible on hover. Fixed.