• PC powers sheet and mini-sheet update
    • Updated PC powers tab graphic.
    • Added At-Will (Special) and Encounter (Special) categories
    • Added checkboxes to hide/show power types not used by every class
    • Removed power mode (superceded by previous).
    • Added preparation mode checkbox.
    • When in preparation mode, number of uses per period can be changed (see v4.0 specific notes above).
  • Updated NPC powers tab graphic
  • Pointer objects on maps have more granularity, allowing blast and burst radiuses to be shown better.
  • Measurements of pointers now are in squares and diagonals counted as 1 square.
  • Added action point field to combat tracker attack section.
  • When an NPC in the combat tracker is bloodied, the underlay for their icon on the map will darken slightly.
  • When damage dropped onto the wounds field or the icon field, the damage will first be removed from temporary hit points, then the rest will be added to the wounds field.
  • NPC experience point field has been moved towards the top of the detail window.


  • Added armor, equipment and weapon module support.
  • Added module shortcuts to Special Abilities section
  • Section headers will now be hidden when searching in a module grouped list.
  • When powers added from a module, more combinations of attack/damage strings are supported.
  • If a power is added from a module and that power type is hidden, then the power type will be made visible with the new entry.
  • When dragging monster entries from module list to Personalities window, no entry was being created in Personalities. Fixed.

NOTE: Though there are no official modules published for this ruleset, I have been working on capabilities to support modules when they are available. Once I have reached v1.0 of this ruleset, I will publish some sample modules.

Bug FixesEdit

  • In combat tracker, damage highlighting in the atk field was off by one when the attack clause was missing. Fixed.
  • In combat tracker, if atk field was multi-line, it overlapped with the effects section. Fixed.
  • If an NPC was dropped into the combat tracker with certain power fields being empty, an error was generated. Fixed.
  • When label cycler elements were changed on one machine, the displays on other machines would not update. Fixed.
  • When entering NPC skills, v3.5 skill names were being recommended. Fixed.
  • When deleting the last power in a power type list, the list was not closing. Fixed.
  • When clicking on a power type header, the icon button was not updating when the list opened and closed. Fixed.
  • When hit point fields on a PC sheet were edited and the PC was linked in the combat tracker, then recursive script warnings would be generated. Fixed.