• CTRL mouse wheel editing set as default.
  • Added tooltip to the default weapon and implement fields on the powers page.
  • Reduced spacing between PC powers when not expanded.
  • Equipment names in modules are now draggable.
  • Number fields in combat tracker will now highlight when they have focus.
  • If you drag a combat tracker entry name onto an effect, it will add an 'Applied By:' tag to the effect.
  • Effects on a combat tracker entry will now be listed in the chat window when it becomes active.
  • Encounter effects are now cleared when the Short Rest option from the combat tracker is chosen.
  • Powers dropped from a module into the NPC power list will now set the appropriate power type icon, if it can be determined.

Bug FixesEdit

  • Two attribute damage clauses were not selectable when dropped from a module. Fixed.
  • Modifier stack was not behaving when the CTRL mouse wheel option was used. Now, the mouse wheel will always adjust the modifier stack.
  • Script error occurred when expiring end of turn effects on NPCs. Fixed.
  • When dragging power shortcuts from the power details window to any destination, nothing would happen. Power shortcuts from the list and details page can now be dropped on the PC combat tab, PC power tab, PC ability tab or NPC power tab.
  • Powers dropped from the module list were creating double entries when dropped into the PC weapon list. Fixed.
  • The power type field was highlighting on mouse hover when viewing module NPCs, even though it could not be changed. Fixed.