• Better magic item support
    • Completely reworked magic item sheets
    • Item powers can be dropped onto character sheet powers page
    • Items can be dropped onto inventory
  • Implements can now be dropped in weapon list from modules
  • Weapon/Implement keywords are no longer case-sensitive
  • Holding CTRL key when dropping damage onto combat tracker will now set an ongoing damage effect equal to damage modifier.
  • Powers dropped onto weapon list will now apply default weapon/implement bonuses
  • If a CT effect source is set and the duration is changed to start/end of turn, the effect initiative field will use the source's initiative instead of the current initiative

Bug FixesEdit

  • Weapon/Implement bonuses were incorrectly being added to static damage clauses when rolling from power description field.
  • Addressed a few more power dropping parse issues.

Known IssuesEdit

  • Powers with a bonus to damage rolls will incorrectly highlight the bonus clause as a damage roll.