• Powers
    • Added combat mode for powers. In combat mode, only powers that are currently available for use will show up in the display.
    • The powers mini sheet will now use combat mode by default.
    • If a power is added for a power type that currently isn't shown, then the show option for that power type will be enabled.
    • When an item power is added, the ruleset will attempt to place the power in the correct power type category.
  • NPCs
    • Added vehicle NPC type
  • Items
    • Added Prerequisite and Shield fields to custom items.
  • Misc
    • Added button to apply heal surge to wounds.
    • When TheBox option is enabled, the GM now has his own box for making hidden GM rolls, even if the show GM rolls option is on.


  • PC power attack and detail sections will no longer open when hovering, but will continue to toggle when attack and detail icons are clicked. The jumping text when hovering was making access to powers difficult in some situations.
  • PC power scroller was moved below list to provide better access to powers on the bottom of the power list.
  • On the PC power page, power types will no longer be forced as shown when containing powers, but will remember the power show options set at the bottom.
  • When switching NPC types in the NPC detail window, the fields displayed were not updating to reflect the new NPC type. Fixed.

Bug FixesEdit

  • In v1.1.2, any roll containing a capital B, O or X would be GM visible only, regardless of options. Fixed.