• Implemented internal message passing system for client to host requests, including whispers, the box, damage drops, effect drops.
  • When wound damage is applied to character sheets or combat tracker entries via damage roll drops, damage result drops or numbers dropped on wounds fields, any special messages specifying whether damage was absorbed by temporary hit points, or changing state to bloodied or dying, will be displayed to the chat window in bold font.
  • When effects are added to a CT entry, a message to all users will be sent if that entry is a PC or a shown NPC; otherwise, a message is only sent to the GM.
  • The End Turn button on the client combat tracker will now advance to the next actor if the active CT entry is a PC which is owned by the client.
  • Added option to enable/disable automatic GM voice changes when active combat tracker entry changes.
  • Updated NPC sheets to highlight number fields when they have the focus.
  • Save fields on NPC sheets will now show a hand when hovering over the saving throw field.
  • Changed "Show NPC" checkbox into an eye symbol above the NPC name which can be toggled just like the checkbox.
  • When attack and damage results are dragged from the chat window to the combat tracker, the number dragged will now be displayed in the confirmation message.
  • Damage results from the chat window and all effects can now be dragged and dropped on the character portrait in the upper left of the host desktop.


  • Removed all window and node creation calls from all client-side windows which are not owned by the player (i.e. character sheet).
  • Effect drops applied by host will always use the active CT entry as the originator of the effect, while the client will always use the active identity. Previously, the originator of the effect was only set sporadically.
  • Rolls made by TheBox now inherit the type of the roll dropped on it. This will enable critical checks on attack rolls and dice re-rolls on damage rolls.
  • Removed period from "End N." effect duration label.
  • Reorganized combat tracker menu for host.