Wish ListEdit

NOTE: These items are listed here as potential improvement options. However, implementing these features may not be possible with the current Fantasy Grounds 2 feature set, so no guarantees on what features will actually make it into the ruleset. Also, these improvements are not listed in any particular order.


  • Better visibility of fields supporting double-click rolling
  • If windows open when closed, then re-open same windows when FG restarted
  • Remember image window zoom and position settings between sessions
  • Non-combat party sheet

Combat TrackerEdit

  • Better visibility of targeting
  • Ability to have attack and damage rolls applied to multiple targets


  • Mini window review (separate vs. tabbed)

Modifier StackEdit

  • Modifier stack and effects aware of bonus types so that bonuses of same type do not stack


  • Widgets to show various effects and status (requires FG2 update) for tokens linked to combat tracker (i.e. bloodied, slowed, etc.)

Already Tried, But Probably Require FG UpdatesEdit

  • Resizable chat window
  • Memory of main window location/size
  • Display dice totals in chat die control, instead of in chat text
  • Toolbar for common image window options (mask mode, draw mode, etc.)