Fantasy Grounds II (in short, Fantasy Grounds, FG, FGII, or FG2) is a virtual gaming environment for narrative role-playing games (RPGs) where players connect to the Gamemaster’s computer over the Internet or a local area network (LAN).

Fantasy Grounds is currently available for Windows (XP, Vista). Intel Macs have been succesfully used to run FG on certain virtualization software and SmiteWorks has announced that they are looking into producing a native OS X version. There are two license options, the Full and the Lite license. A Full license allows the user to take the roles of the Gamemaster or a player, the Lite license only allows the user to connect to games as a player. In practise, a Full license is also required to create or customise rulesets.

Fantasy Grounds is game system agnostic. Playing a particular game is, however, usually facilitated by the use of a dedicated ruleset, programming and graphics defining the look, feel, and functioning of the Fantasy Grounds user interface. There are a number of rulesets created by community members as well as commercial ventures.

Technically Fantasy Grounds II comprises of three major constituents: the core software, individual campaign, and the ruleset. Additionally modules can add content to the campaign or bring in "books" of reference and setting data. Extensions can modify the user interface by adding or overriding the look, feel, and functionality of the underlaying ruleset.

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Core Functionality
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Known Game System Support

Game System FG Name Free? Developer Purchase/Download Documentation Notes
Dungeons and Dragons
Dungeons & Dragons v4 4E_JPG Yes SmiteWorks 4E Links Docs No reference material, but community projects available to help build your own reference material
Dungeons & Dragons v3.5 d20_JPG Yes SmiteWorks FUM 3.5E Group No reference material, but compatible with d20 reference material
Dungeons & Dragons v3.5 d20 Yes SmiteWorks FG Web Site Older version of D&D v3.5, Included with FG software
Dungeons & Dragons v3.5 3.5E Yes SmiteWorks FG Web Site Newer version of D&D v3.5, Included with FG software
Dungeons & Dragons v1.0 (AD&D) Yes unerwünscht Download
Other Game Systems
Arcana Evolved No SmiteWorks FG Web Site
Ars Magica Yes Oberoten FGWiki With permission from Atlas Games
Basic Roleplaying (BRP) No SmiteWorks In development
Call of Cthulhu CallOfCthulhu No SmiteWorks FG Web Site
Castles & Crusades No SmiteWorks FG Web Site
Corporation Yes Valarian FGWiki Foundation ruleset extension
d20 Modern No SmiteWorks FG Web Site
Earthdawn Yes Joshua FUM Download Incomplete, character sheet only plus exploding dice
Exalted Yes Lithl FG Exalted site Under White Wolf's Dark Pack fansite rules
GURPS v4 GURPS_4e Yes Spyke Spyke's web site
Iron Heroes No SmiteWorks FG Web Site
Labyrinth Lord No Goblinoid Games FGWiki Under license
Osric Yes rule of three Web Link
Paranoia XP Yes Debinani FGWiki Foundation ruleset extension
RIFTS Yes Sturmer FGWiki
Rolemaster Classic RolemasterClassic No SmiteWorks FG Web Site
RuneQuest No SmiteWorks In development
Savage Worlds SavageWorlds3 No SmiteWorks FG Web Site
Shaintar Shaintar No SmiteWorks FG Web Site
Shadowrun Yes Fenloh FGWiki
Spirit of the Century Yes Evil Hat FGWiki Foundation ruleset extension
Star Wars Saga Edition Yes Meeposose FGWiki
Swords & Sorcery Swords and Sorcery Yes arindor FGWiki
Top Secret SI Yes Mr_H FGWiki
Traveller Yes Valarian FGWiki Foundation ruleset extension
Traveller (Classic) Yes Foen FGWiki
Warhammer (Dark Heresy) Yes Nezzir FGWiki
Warhammer v2 Yes Nezzir FGWiki
World of Darkness Yes White Wolf Publishing FGWiki
World of Darkness, New nWoD Yes PneumaPilot FGWiki
Generic Base Yes Foen FGWiki
Generic foundation Yes Community FG Foundation Forums Included with FG software
Generic Generic Yes Toadwart / Mossfoot FGWiki

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