In Fantasy Grounds, a ruleset defines what the user interface (UI) can do and what it looks like.

Downloadable rulesetsEdit

Minor edits to existing rulesets are easy to do and thus house rules can be made a concrete part of the UI. It is, however, a relatively laborous task to create a ruleset for a game system that is far away from the ones having a ruleset; the actual work load naturally depends on the amount of detail and logic programming that is included. This said, there are quite a few game systems that already have a ruleset. A (partial) list of existing rulesets is provided.

Structure of rulesetEdit

Rulesets come in three different formats: flat files in a ruleset folder, open format Fantasy Grounds II .pak-files, and encrypted Fantasy Grounds II .pak-files. This section will mostly deal with the first format, the second and third are briefly covered in the end.

Each ruleset must have a file called base.xml, which should be located in the folder of the ruleset, rulesets\[name_of_the_ruleset]\, relative to the Application Data folder of Fantasy Grounds II (usually something like C:\Documents and Settings\[user_name]\Application Data\Fantasy Grounds II). The base.xml typically contains a list of other files the ruleset uses and acts as the starting point for the loading of the ruleset.

Additionally, a ruleset can include any number of XML, Lua, and graphics files.

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Comprehensive documentation on Fantasy Grounds II customisation is available on the Fantasy Grounds website.