Several tutorials have been made available for FG which are available for download. Most of the tutorials were created by the user known as Xorn on the FG forums

List of Known TutorialsEdit

Known rulesets for Fantasy Grounds II
Name Developer Link Date
Any Ruleset
Quick Start Guide Xorn [Video] 2008-08-05
Campaign Entry Basics Xorn [Video] 2008-08-05
Creating Modules Xorn [Video] 2008-08-05
Converting Mini Images to Tokens Xorn [Video] 2008-08-05
Map Rescaling Xorn [Video] 2008-08-05
4E_JPG Ruleset
4E_JPG Ruleset Overview Xorn [Video] 2008-08-05
4E_JPG Parser Tutorial, Part 1 Xorn [Web Page] 2009-02-22
4E_JPG Parser Tutorial, Part 2 Xorn [Web Page] 2009-02-22